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TMack6 from Kurb Kustoms

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TMack6 from Kurb Kustoms

Post by tmack6 on Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:31 am

Whats up guys this is Terik...the guy in the white Turbo Buick. I stopped by Route 66 tonight and talk to you all for a few minutes. Nice meeting you guys!!! I don't own a Scion but I like the mods you all have done to your cars. I specialize in curb rash repair and custom painting on aluminum alloy wheels (no chrome). I like your club's style so I wanted to offer one of you a FREE BASIC CURB RASH REPAIR. Which will include...

*Repair damaged areas of your rims
*Color Sand
*Color Matched Base Coat
*Clear Coat

This is no "rattle can" job. I use German Paint and clear coat.
1st one to call or send me a message will receive the FREE offer. I just want you all to see the quality of work that I do on repairing your curbed up rims. Again this is a free offer for the FIRST member who contacts me.

Here are the normal prices

Basic Curb Rash Repair $50 per wheel
Custom Color Change $75 per wheel (Includes Damage Repair)
Polish Raw Aluminum wheels $50 per set
Headlight Restoration $50
Paint Brake Caliper/Drums $50 per set (4)

I am mobile so I will come to you!!!
PM me or call me @ 661.313.5546

I repair wheels for Ferrari, Maserati, BMW, Benz, GM, Ford, Lexus, Acura/Honda, Infinity Nissan, Scion, Range Rover, Jaguar, Lotus...catch my drift???



Before (Curb Rash on Raw Finished Aluminum)

After (Curb Rash Repaired and Lip Polished)


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